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Full Name: Edison Achineku
Music Genre:
Label: Payback Tyme Records

Most Defintli Me (1999, greatnoize records)

Song Samples

Sample 1: Dear Sweetheart

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Full Song Download:



b. Dec 16, 1970, Edison Seremun Achineku Gusha is also known as Ruleclean, Edserachi, Tha Afromonk.

His first demo was done in Benue State. The debut album "Most Definitli Me" was ready in 1997. Featuring Johnny Major and Yinka Davies, it was released as a promo CD 2 years later. RuleClean hooked up with producer OJB, CEO of Silverpoint Productions in 1999, putting out 2 singles on the Silverpoint compilation CDs.

Currently on Paybacktyme Records, he hopes to deliver a message of love and equality, vital elements that lead to freedom.

Rule Clean, likes honesty, true love, fairness and freedom while his dislikes are lies, wickedness and unfaithfulness. His hobbies include sketching and writing lyrics, and his major influences are Christ Jesus, Rappers and Positive Poets world wide.