Full Name: Teria Yarhere
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Grafton Records

where u dey 9th june 2008

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Like most rap artists around the globe, Teria Yarhere a.k.a Mtrill knew that he had the tendencies of putting words together to form rhymes before he ever knew he could rap. So when he embarked on a mission of writing lyrics for his elder brother, little did he know that he was laying a foundation for a career that will bring him this far. Born into the family of Mr and Mrs Yarhere on the 18th of May 1979,Mayjah thrill joined the hip hop movement when he was in Federal Government College Odogbolu. Although he knew how to rap, he was never on the fore front, instead he began exerting his energy into organizing hip hop shows. After graduating from secondary school,Yarhere found himself in the company of people that boosted his love for hip hop especially rap music one of which is wale Oni (Mr. Dallas) Having learnt the basics for rapping like counting bars properly and rhyming, he began to thirst for publicity. ‘I just wanted to put out one song, at least one that I could play for my kids, eventually, I did the song by myself without Wale Oni and when people heard it, they were really impressed’His first real single ‘bounce’ enjoyed massive airplay in Port Harcourt which was why when he left Xcel music (a record label in Port Harcourt, where he was signed on to after graduating from the university of Port Harcourt) he got a lot of offers from different record labels.Eventually, he stuck with Grafton records, a UK based record label with twigs in Port Harcourt and Lagos , Nigeria . ‘I have always wanted to be one of the world’s best, and since my deal with Grafton included a UK release and I have always looked at the wider market. Also, I knew Grafton records as always being true to their words. When they say something, they do it, so I signed with them’So when Grafton records insisted he moved to Lagos, he saw it as an ample opportunity to strap up ‘I have always known Lagos, I was just staying in port Harcourt with my brother before I finally relocated, but back in the days,we used to come to Lagos for holidays. My mum stays in Lagos while my dad is always shuttling between Warri and Lagos ’These days, Mtrill is busy shuffling between carving a niche for himself and recording a different kind of music ‘I am trying to bring more contents into the Nigerian music industry’ His album ‘the transition’ which is due to hit the Nigerian market before the last quarter of the year connotes this.

As a warning before his debut album (THE TRANSITION) drops an EP of ‘’Bounce’’ and ‘’Where u dey’’ will be available for download from the 9th of June 2008 on Itunes, Napster, Emusic,Amazon and Rhapsody. Lets all support another rising talent by making sure we download on the 9th June 2008