Black Jermaine



Black Jermaine

Full Name: Joshua Olajide Akilo
Music Genre: hiphop

The Black Son (MIXTAPE) 2006

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There is something very exciting and amazing about the sound that is emerging from Black Jermaine. Real name’s Joshua Olajide Olasunkanmi Mc.Simmone Akilo, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria on the 5th of March***. He truly stands as a hardcore rapper, a very good singer, songwriter and a producer. Black Jermaine loves God and he love life and it show in anything he do, his energy and passion for music is not only inspiring but also infectious. Started off at the tender age of 9,he plays different kinds of drums and percussion while he was in primary 3, as a child he can’t cope with the stress due to lack of sponsor, he had to leave the music scene for sometime but making some underground plans. After his primary school education, he jumps back to the music scene while in high school (St.Joseph’s Boys Secondary School). Started rapping at the age of 15 years old, while he is in s.s.s.1, after school hours he goes to live band shows and do some stage performance. While he was in s.s.s.2, he collided with his friends (Odunayo and Qudus ) to form a group called PLAY BOIZ, but sometimes appearance might be deceiving,Odunayo and Qudus are not planning to be a musician so they went their ways. After his high school education, he started a group with his cousin Lil’ Jen2, the group was called "UPTOWNLIFE",later in the same year they collided with Jaiz Boiz. Jaiz Boiz now consists of Black Jermaine,Lil’ Jen2,Kenny Fraze,Razor and Santana. Later in the same year Lil’ Jen2 left the group to team up with his blood brother Sojen2 to start a group called Dajen2,after he left,Cigar(an old member) rejoined the group,in the year 2003,they recorded a track in Silver Point studio titled Zainab produced by Joekenny. In the year 2004,black Jermaine left the group due to some qualms between them. Later in the same year he started a group called 3pple CJ, he was the only male in the group, the 3pple CJ family consists of Black Jermaine, Cynthia (linchpin), Chika (Wendy) and Chika (Skyview). They recorded a track titled "Drop it" produced by Mr.Kanmi in Morayo Studio. Wendy left the group to join the stinkin’toolz, and Skyview is not interested in doing music anymore then she left the group now remaining Black Jermaine and Linchpin, during that same year, another girl(Joke) joined the group,3pple CJ now changed the name to 3pple Soulz. In the year 2005,Linchpin and Joke left music for something else. Black Jermaine has come a long way and he has seen the A-z of being in a group, the advantages and the disadvantages, hopes to be in a group again if there’s any good and open minded fellow to start with.