paul seun roty a.k.a PSR



paul seun roty a.k.a PSR

Full Name: rotimi oluwaseun paul
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: upcoming artist
Website: http://www.funfaire.s5.comor you can also seach google by typing P


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paul seun roty a.k.a PSR started singing as children choir soloist in C.A.C chuurch in kwara state in nigeria. as far back as when he was 9yrs old.singing with mouth organ. PSR
came up as an abreviaiton of the 3 name paul seun roty.
PSR turned out his genre to gospel r&b in 2002. at lagos. he has held 2 diferent gospel r&b concert in canaan -ministry at ilorin. PSR is recognis as one of the upcoming legend gospel r&b song writer in africa. not
yet sign.