Full Name: Yunasi
Music Genre: afrobeat
Label: Simon Sez Music

Nangi Amana

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Band Biography

In 2004 YUNASI developed a unique East African music style called Sesube which is a combination of séga, isukuti and benga. It takes sounds and inspirations from local Kenyan communities, cultural styles and languages and fuses those sounds with a European component. The sound is achieved by playing a variety of instruments, both traditional and modern.

Their music is not only popular and progressive but also emphasises the theme of social responsibility and harmony. YUNASI work at a youth project in the Mathare slums to show the youth that music and sport can be a way to escape poverty as well as a way to avoid the pressures to use drugs and engage in crime.

In March 2006 YUNASI were announced as Prize winners at the prestigious US International Song Writing Contest held in 2005 for the song JI OPOGORE (The Difference of People)– obtaining 3rd place in the World Music out of 15,000 entries from all over the world.

They also won the 2004 Kisima award for best Afro Fusion band and were nominated for an All Africa Kora award in South Africa 2003.

The band comprises 7 men from Kenya and a French woman. They sing in several languages including Kiswahili, English, French, Luo and Luyha.

The band aims to increase the awareness of contemporary Kenyan music both locally and overseas and hope to become one of the best known bands around. YUNASI are determined to bring Kenyan music to the forefront and to prove that East African music is not only as strong but is actually more inventive and vibrant than that from other parts of the continent.