Full Name: Olufemi Oyeleye
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: unsigned/independent

"More Money More Honeyz"/2008
"Ohoo Girl"/2008
"I did it my way"/2008

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From the city of AGG(Agege,Lagos,Nigeria).Comes Oyeleye Olufemi a.k.a HARDCORE.

He was born with the talent ,as people says it is better for music to be in you than you been in music.He is all coz he is always out to put smile on everyone face and that has been him right from childhood.

He drop out from O.A.U-Obafemi Awolowo University due to some situations regarding the game and for some reason but still wish to continue when things get right.He has taste both the sweet and hard side of life living in a ghetto city of AGG(Agege).Rough life,struggling & hustling to earn something atlease a daily bread.

He came from wealthy background but he is always out to make things happen on his own,creating his own world and living it his own way.

He form a hip hop/rap group(B.P.S-BULLET PROOF SQUAD) with some of his peeps in the hood.They perform in many gigs & open mic across Lagos State and beyond.

The group released an unsuccessful debut album titled "High School Certificate" under Souljah Records,an Independent Record Label.After the album they decide to try out on solo effort ,which makes him a hunting mind.

Presently he is working on solo souljah. With his debut single:"I did it my way" he believe he can rule the rap world across Africa representing the continent all around the world,so you need to watch out for this dude.

He has other interesting and hits tracks like "More Money
More Honeyz" and
"Ohoo Girl"
Listen to these tracks and make your own comments about him.Fans Mailbox coming soon!
He is open for collaboration ,international gigs and also a good songwriter available to write good rap lyrics for any willing rapper.He is seeking deals from interested Major & Independent Record Labels,Major & Independent Distributors and Marketers.

Media personals who are interested in his materials for review or promotion purpose can contact us for his press kit promo package,we will be happy to send you a copy for review e.t.c.

For further info or enquiry about him contact his management: