9Nyne | 9+the3RD.



9Nyne | 9+the3RD.

Full Name: seun Akinrinmade
Music Genre: other
Label: Unsigned | Independent producer/writter/rapper.
Website: http://www.myspace.com/9nyne

Swing Low
Believe me
Robot Dancin'

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9Nyne simply pronounced as "Nine" a name he chose when he realized that his life sequence during his growing up was based on the number 9. Known by the locals as, "The talented one", for possessing many elements of art in the. He is good with paints, graphics, pencils, acting and most of all, his musical skills, lyrics wise and instrumental wise. His unique creativity has given rise to a whole new technique in hip hop. As he often uses word play, code words and, 16 bars to describe different point of views in the 1st, 2nd
and, 3rd perspective way to prove a point or to give the his audience an interesting story about someone or something that who have been himself as he is very observant of things going on around him.

In his search for recognition, 9Nyne have worked his way into performing in local shows and concerts, catching the attention of local and some international fans with the help of MySpace and air play on local radio and podcast independently.

Born and raised in Nigeria, 9Nyne have spent all his life being a student. With school as his main priority he works on his music in his spare time. He joined a rap group in 2002 where he first had the chance to express himself and perform in front of live audience. He move to Canada in 2004 to continue his education where he is now a 2nd year student in the university of Winnipeg studying Theatre and film.

In 2006,
9Nyne began writing his lyrics for an album. A low profile album expected to be sold only in Manitoba, Canada. Of the verses he wrote for the album he recorded 2 tracks which was chosen as the soundtracks for a local movie titled "Cold Tears" which he also played a minor character.

In 2007 before the album was released, 9Nyne release 3 singles "Swing low", "Believe Me" and, "Robot dancin'". This tracks have gotten a lot of plays on MySpace, Local radios and, Podcasts. the single "Swing Low" automatically landed 9Nyne the Artist of the Month on local radios. He titled the album "Urbanology" since most of the lyrics where based on life in the city and was released in October, making it available in music stores in Winnipeg and online ( iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster ).

In November 2007, 9Nyne was nominated in the category of "Unpronounceable band name" for the Annual CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards Yes! The name is that complicated. As confusing as it spells, is as simple as its pronounced "Nine" Still awaiting result.

Getting his first Album out of the way, 9Nyne is now able to truly express himself as he has started designing art works to give his audience a description of every single track he will be recording giving life to cute little creatures people, especially girls seem to adore, as they are willing to name them. He has planned to name his next album "The Attack" Which sounds like it will take a lot of work, and, time putting the album together even though he will be producing every track on the fort coming album, Enforcing Alternative hip hop. The attack will be a synth and hype filled album with samples you will not believe. The images his has created speaks for the kind of music you should expect. "The Attack", Should be released sometime in mid 2008.