Full Name: Ifeanyi Ibegbunam
Music Genre: hiphop
Website: http://www.raplogic.co.nr

My World(Demo-2004)
Naija Beat(Demo-2005)
Shake ur body & No leave me by Chrest ft Raplogic(2006)
The Unreleased Mixtape(2006)
HOME GROWN MIXTAPE Vol.2(2007) ft Raplogic
Nollywood ft Terry tha rapman(2007)
Dj Ground Fingaz Mixtape ft Raplogic (Coming Soon...)
Album Coming Soon...

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Raplogic a.k.a Fecko a.k.a Flo'quency are the stage names of this promising Nigerian rapper/poet/lyricist who was born in the late 80’s, and actually christened Ifeanyi Chukwebuka Ibegbunam. Raplogic hails from Anambra state, while he grew-up in one of the most violent and highly populated areas of Lagos-city, where he'd succeeded in carving a niche for himself as a citizen with a non-violent state of mind over the past years in that community, which he also plans to impact positively with his personality and lyrical prowess in the near future. Hip hop has been a part of this young lyricist ever since his childhood days in junior-high, precisely at Lagos state model college(Igbonla) where he'd attended and also developed interest in miming, freestyling, acting and creative writing. Raplogic started spittin’ on Analog in 2003, before he recorded a couple of Demo tracks at a digital studio in Surulere(S/L) in 2005 that eventually fetched him a recording deal with a Coalcity-based entertainment outfit (Hood Records) in 2006 . Raplogic recorded an eight-tracker mixtape that same year, which was never released till date due to some prevailing factors as at then. ‘The Hood Mixtape’ was produced by a home-grown producer 'Dekumzy' . Some of the mixtape tracks’ have been gaining a nice audience reception internationally ever since, through the aid of various media hype strategies, despite the fact it wasn't even released. Currently, Raplogic is almost on the verge of dropping his debut hopefully by 2008. He's been working on a couple of tracks since the second quarter of 2007 that will feature various outstanding artistes. Also, he's been getting interviews on some Radio & T.V stations lately, while he’s also engaged with several international collabos. Ifeanyi is an undergraduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology and also the CEO of Multikraft Media. Watch out for Raplogic as he embarks on the quest to become a Hip hop icon whose dexterity on the microphone will be second to none, in time to come