Full Name: Bolade Oni
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Emmense Music

"Your number" and "free me"

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Bolade Oni is the real name of the fresh artist known as Blade. Not the real sharp threshing instrument which cuts virtually anything in the concrete sense, but in the abstract, Blade is a new act, music style artist that does a cut across kind of hip-hop music with a depth of afrobeat.Born and breed in Ibadan and Oriade local government of Osun State origin. He actually coined the name “BLADE” from his first name, Bolade."When you remove the letter "O" from my name you are left with the blade “says blade himself. There are more positive meanings to the name than just the dangerous razor blade.” His music is deep to the streets and for the common man” says Oni Olaoluwa the general manager of Emmense Music Company, the music label where Blade pitched is tent.
Blade currently shot a video for "your number" one of the songs in his soon to be released self titled album. The song is currently enjoying exclusive airplay on a syndicated music channel in the music industry mainstream, Lagos. The Blade album as gotten the required public incitement it needs. As we speak, Blades singles "your number" and "free me” which is taken from his 19 tracker album are enjoying massive airplay and acceptance on all media across the nation.
Blade nurtured his art in a duo group which he served for seven years until late 2006 when his partner relocated to the United States. The group is called double akt and they held a lot of promise when they performed at various gigs and shows in Lagos. With Emmense Music Company, the record label, illific solutions limited a dynamic music marketing outfit in Lagos behind him and the expertise behind the sound with the producers like Blade himself and Emperor a fast rising producer in Ibadan, he is set to take a lead in the new generation of Nigerian Hip-hop.
He is the first artist to be released by Emmense Music, a leading music production outfit and record label in Ibadan. “Blade is set to make his biggest impression to date”.

Name of Artist
Bolade "blade" Oni

Is your stage name trademarked?

It is just a coinage from my first name Bolade. Just take the "O" out of it, it gives you BLADE.

Have you filed your songs for copyright protection?

Yep! My Label and Lawyers have done that.

Have any of your songs been published?

Yes, published by Emmense Publishing Company, a partner company with my record label Emmense music.

Have you affiliated with a performance rights organization? (Which one? MCSN, PMRS, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC?)

Am affiliated with PRS in UK.This because of issues of IP in naija, a lot of things are not in place
because of politics. The government is not ready to deregulate our collecting societies. I would only need the services of MCSN in the Nigerian territory.

What is your background?

Am the 4th born in a family five boys. I grew up in a music family where people live with music. My entire family members are music lovers. At a time my dad had actually been a musician with a band. My siblings are also potential music executives because of the love they have for music. I actually started with a childhood friend [Afolabi "a-square" Atobatele] with a group known as double akt. And, now its blade because my friend relocated to the United States.

Why do you want to record and release your own music?
Basically, because I have something to offer to the common man on the street and I have a divine gift from God. My kind of music is new from what Nigerians have heard so far and the message is deep and relatively explicit.

Who is your fan/customer?
A typical blade fan will have what they call purchasing culture. An individual that comes out to vote during a typical Nigerian election is my fan. People that desire a change in the state of a Nation mean the common man on the street. Almost, anybody that listens to my music [especially the album] will be my fan because everybody will definitely have some two to three songs they’ll like in the album.

Tell me about your album
It is a self titled album of about 19 tracks. It is one of the most original hip-hop albums with very down-to-earth concept and content according to comments received from stakeholders till date. The blade album has all kinds of doses for the young, the old and all gender. People should watch out for a worthwhile keep sake album.

Who are the music producers?
Blade and emperor did it, with coordination of Olaoluwa “lolox” Oni.Everything is done in house.
Why are you relying on an in-house expertise and not working with at least a known producer
Emmense Music Company is a music production outfit. We have the required expertise within our disposal and we do not worship names. The so called names have the names because they are opportune to produce good artists. Whatever the case may be the audience will judge and we actually did this piece to register our names as a music production company. I’ll usually prefer to work with equally good upcoming producers to try elevating them. But my self -titled album is produced by myself and about 4 tracks are produced by Emperor. Watch out for Blade album.

What are your songs about?
Reality, what happens around you, real life issues and societal ills? Basically what anybody can relate with and appreciate. Some sect of people might be admonished and facts affirmed.

Do you write your own songs?
Yes, i do. My inspiration comes from what I see and hear about. My surroundings.

Who are your musical influences?
Fela, tupac, nas and folk music styles.

How do you describe your music to people?
My music is unprecedented, real, comical and a message to the adults, youths and kids. I have spoken of things that no rapper\singer has spoken about in a single album
.Blade is a cut across artiste which means my music reaches to the average Nigerian on the street. Reality is embedded in my music. I have a massage of hope for the Nigerians and my music might incite the public against a bad government.
Doing it all with hip-hop.

How do you describe hip-hop music?

To me hip-hop is a way of life. Basically an expression and protest through music in order to address issues of life to the powers that be here on earth. Hip-hop music started by the blacks though, but now it’s a cross over genre of music that is really having effect on all other genres.So, I would say that it is the in thing now. Everybody wants to associate themselves with hip-hop but we only have a few hip-hop artists in Nigeria.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Reality and consciousness.

What are your immediate music career goals in the next 1 to 3 years?

A force to reckon with in the music industry.

What are your long-term career goals?

God willing, to be the number one Nigerian music ambassador.

What is the industry like in your state of residence, Ibadan?

Generally, the hip-hop thing has been dull in Ibadan over the years but it’s getting more acceptances by the day with the spring of new record labels. Emmense music, at the forefront of it though. The industry in Ibadan is known for local music like Fuji, juju and gospel. The fact is that the heartbeat of the industry is Lagos and without doing your thing from the mainstream you cannot be fully assured of breakthrough.

How would you define the word “success”?

Success is fulfillment in whatever you do. When you set to do something you plan, strategize and execute. You harmonize all the stated parameters and work with them to achieve certain goals. At the end of it when you have attained your target and enjoying the result of it, then you are successful. As far as musicians are concerned, success is not only when you win awards, you must have a whole lot to show that you are successful. A selling musician or artist is fulfilled and successful because he will certainly have more fans. A lot of opportunities await such artist because people will vouch for him.
What live performance experience have you had? (Any industry showcases?)

I've had performances when I was with my partner as Double akt. We performed at various major and minor events across the country. We were rated by Ayo Aanimashaun, Chobams and Dan Foster for best performance during a talent hunt show organized by kiss events at the vault in 2006 and we got an impressive and best reaction from the audience.
We performed at various venues in Lagos, Ibadan, Oshogbo and a lot of higher institutions which I cannot start to name now.
How do you rate your live performance ability?

My performance ability is commendable, real and interesting. I will definitely improve my performance by the day, but most importantly my music will speak for me.

Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposure or reviews?

I have had some print media exposure as Blade lately and hope to get broadcast media exposure soon. Reviews will definitely come when my music is made public.
Who handles your daily business activities?

Emmense Music Company and illific solutions Ltd.