Full Name: esosa izebukhare
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: free acts records
Website: http://not yet

freedom &poetry theory in summer 2008.

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luv started from school n da streets.A lot of cats use to battle in the day wen hip hop
was truly at its best.Back then tha luv of THA ROOTS,PUBLIC ENEMY,RAKIM N ERIC B,MOSDEF,TALIB KWELI,CANIBUS,SLICK RICK,NWA,TUPAC,BIG,MODENINE,OD,5 MICZ,TERRY DA RAPMAN,NAS,COMMON,PHAROAHE MONCHE,DMX,BIG L,WUTANG CLAN,BOB NESTA MARLEY,CULTURE,GURU GANGSTARR,THOROUGH BREDS,TRYBESMEN,DRE,EMINEM AND ALL REAL CATS OUT THERE.STARTED WRITNG RHYMES N POETRY AFTER SEC SCHOOL AND MY CREW B THA TRU CATS CLAN.WE luv tru hip hop cats out there no time for playa hating.My crew consists of GRENADE,E-SPLIT,PASTIS,FEARLESS,DOUBLE D AND MY YUNGA BRO FOR LIFE NOC-THIVA.Working on my mixtape called "THA POETIC MIND OF A TROUBLED YOUTH.My hobbnies are writing rhymez,poetry,chess,sourfing tha net,reading mad books like sci-fi ones and poetry books.Role model b mahatma ghandi wish i was like him life would have been a better place dont u think.My MOST PRICED POSSESSIONS ARE MY RHYME BOOKS MY FAMILY&FRIENDS