Aladin Sani


Aladin Sani

Full Name: Aladin Sani
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single/ 2001 P-Wise Music,Nigeria.

Palma De Ok/A Track From "Dombokk Fellet"/ Featured Singer on DRAFT`s debut Album/ 2002 Warner Music,Hungary.

Go Wild/A Track From "Su"/ Featured Singer on Cay Tylan`s Forthcoming Album/ 2004 Couch Records,Austria.

Take A Ride Pt.2/A Track From Hunter Files/ Featured Singer on Rodney Hunter`s Forthcoming Album/ 2004 G-Stone Recordings,Austria.

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Aladin Sani knew from a young age on that he wanted to be a singer. His journey into singing started at his high school, St. Murumba College, Jos - Nigeria, where he was one of the lead singers for the Murumba choir that was organised by Rev. Fr. Fergus Thouy, an Irish missionary.

Aladin moved to Lagos (the former capital city of Nigeria) in 1992 and one year later formed a duo rap/r&b group with Daddy Nasti simply called Bone-2-Bone. With underground club performances, they gained quite a following and appeared on Soul With Sprite with Olisa Adibua on Clapperboard television. Bone-2Bone lasted till 1994 after which Aladin Sani took a strong interest in African music and started carving out a niche for himself.

In 1999, after years of hard work and paying his dues, Aladin`s efforts culminated in the release of his debut album on Z-Mirage Music label.Produced by OJB Jezreel and recorded at Dolphin Studios, the first single "Aladin Mai Gemu" reached and stayed number one for weeks on top of the charts in major fm radio stations across Nigeria especially in the North. Although the album lacked adequate promotions, it has been the talk of town for years especially with the remix of Aladin Mai gemu on p-wise Music in 2001.

Aladin has had tons of performances with his band in Nigeria often performing for The British Council (especially the opening of the Councils office in Kano where he performed with Byron Wallen & Rony Barak from London), Jazzville, French Cultural Center and many other organisations. He has also had performances in Venezuela, Hungary, France, Italy, England and Vienna where he resides presently. With so many musical ventures and projects in the past, in the present and lots more coming in the future, let`s watch out for this outstanding African singer from the South of the Sahara.