Full Name: Shakiru Omilabu
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Unsigned


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WELCOME TO SYNO'S WORLD !!!!!! ; Syno was born and raised in lagos-Nigeria about 20 sumthing years ago,he was born into a muslim family (Polygamous home),He went through all the levels of education from kindergarten to Primary,high skool,and college, The road to music is a rough and tuff path especially in Nigeria where no record label executive believe in raw talents except for the ready made ones,Syno started rapping since 91 but actually set it off in 2000 when he join forces with underground rappers like Rakwel and Da folk to start a rap group called the RAP GENIUS,They hits shows all around lagos city but due to lack of financial support they were unable to record any form of demo,but in 2004 the group resist all form of setbacks and they recruit a new member called "J 2 D JI' (Now J-TEZZY) then they were able to record two tracks titled "COME PARTY" which was performed by all members of the group but the second track was recorded with the exception of Da Folk who was working on his solo efforts but that doesn't stopped the group from recording the second track titled "GIRL" the track featured Ronkay Ceo of "CULBEED MUSIC" on the chorus and "Zdon Papporella" on productions,with the support of Zdon papporella the tracks hits the airwaves and that was the major break for the group,but the unfortunate thing happened "Da flok" left the group and then "Rakwel" decided to take a break from music then Syno still feels the group must still go on but things didn't work out real fine then in 2005 zdon papporella inspired syno to work on a solo effort then J 2 D JI moved to a new group called "Da NeYborhuds" he then changed his name to "J-Tezzy",then in 2006 his first singles called "Drop Dead Gorgeous" was recorded then Syno was in the studio working with "Zdon Papporella" then they hit the airwaves with a track titled "ANGEL" which featured "LORD OF AJASA" and "ZDON PAPPOREALLA",The track was a great success and it's all about credibility to all the good gurls out there,Later that year Zdon Papporella dropped his first debut album titled "eXPERIENCE D ZEE" then Syno have the opportunity to perform at his album launch and other various show around lagos city with the help of a good friend "OGYNY"(a talented artist) as his backup singer,then in late 2006 Syno join forces with the "OZ JONES,OGYNY,R.BLAZE and J-TEZZY (Blaze and Tezzy are both from DA NEYBORHUDS)then with "CWITCH" on the production they Spit flame on the M.I.C to drop a track titled "MOVE" Syno's second solo single,then after recording the song Syno left Nigeria for S.A.But the song is really making waves back home in Nigeria where the Nehborhuds are on the promotions and the track is due to be release in 2007 on a mixtape which will be release very soon,Syno is still in the studio trying to drop some new joints for the street,but meanwhile you can listen to all Syno's track online thru this websites and http.//,Syno will ilke to thank everybody contributed to his success from the beginning of my career till date people like ZDON PAPPORELLA you are such a great inspiration and contributed alot in making Syno who he is today,to the Ceo of "CULBEED MUSIC" Ronkay;you are a very good talented artist too you actually blow up the track titled "GIRL" on the chorus,to all my friends like "OGYNY" you are such a good friend and a talented artist doing all the backup singing whenever zdon is not available for shows,and are always there to inspire me everytime we talk,l luv you my guy (you can listen to OGYNY's Tracks on,J-Tezzy you are my blood brotha,brotha 4rm anotha motha i Luv you till death you really played a brothaly role in my career,OZ JONES i don't know how to express what you are to me you just too kind and very talented too you really blow up the track "Move" with your voice he's one of a kind, 9ja finest RnB genius you can listen to his single titled "FEVER" on,Then anotha genius is R.blaze he's 9ja next best thing in the rap world,Talented young genius that's what i call you boi,you so hot keep it up,you can listen to him on,then my luv to Cwitch who produced "MOVE" the next best 9ja producer you are a whizkid on the console my guy just keep it up,then to Lord of Ajasa,men you are a great genius when it comes to yoruba rap nobody be like you it's too much joo,cuz like Nike a shin gba,to all my folkes out there i luv you all and to everybody that drop me a line about my work on and i luv you all Syno is coming out with anotha Big Bang track only time will tell, i love you all str8 4rm d heart,Keeep repping ur hood,9ja 4 life peace.......................And to all ya"ll Hater Keep hatin you will never move up.This is my story so far,i will keep updating these profile whenever anything new happens to your boi Syno aka dollsyno so holla back with any comment,i luv y"all