baba jfo


baba jfo

Full Name: baba jfo
Music Genre: other


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A graduate of the Performing Arts and Mass Communication;to experience BABA is a total artistic and spiritual experience. BABA reals out melodies straight from his soul mingling the English tongue with "pidgin" English and his native tongue "IGALA"....a fusion of the old and new.The intensity of his performance is rivaled only by the artistry of African sages of old.

A Trip to Inner Self Discovery
With a rhythmic structure that keeps the audiance transfixed, conveying not only pleasure and satisfaction but a message of struggle by ONE who has paid his due in the African musical jungle since 1986.
Whenever Baba performs, the creative rites are celebrated in the performing arts experience stealing your spirits and making you surrender to the epiphanic notes that takes you on a trip to inner self discovery.
No life ever remains the same after experiencing BABA, this Anglo-Igala spirit of the arts; BABA OJONUGWA means "thanks be to GOD, the almigthy father" in IGALA....