Full Name: Lawrence Onuzulike
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Lurrezinc/Ulzee Music

STILL SINGLE AND RICH 2007 Lurrenzinc/Ulzee music

I 2003 Lurrenzinc Music

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Lurrenz, born Lawrence Rapuluchukwu Onuzulike on the December 28 1977, started young as a gospel rapper performing in various churches in Africa.He grew up a very intelligent kid who held the first position throughout his years at Apata Memorial High School, Isolo, Lagos and as a student, he perforned in various schools preaching the word of God through catchy hiphop tunes.

In 1996, as a 19th birthday gift, his dad granted him his childhood wish to visit Mother Theresa . And between 1996 and 1997 Lurrenz did a voluntary work with Mother Theresa at the missionary of Charity, Calcutta and in the evening he handled the mic at the five star park hotel. At the end of the one year voluntary work, he decided to visit Thailand before heading back home, but in Thailand his DJ and music talent was quickly discovered by the famous DJ Sergio of Spaghetti Studio and Lurrenz found himself spinning the wheel and handling the mic again at the popular Reggae Pub in Kho Samui. It was at that pub that lurrenz met with the Calypsos (a trinidad and tobago band) and toured Asian countries. It was also at that point that Lurrenz's music changed from preaching gospel to preaching love, peace and fufillment.

In 2000 Lurrenz went back home to learn more from his great friend and reggae superstar Orits Wilikki and in 2001 he traveled to Scandinavia and teamed up with top producers to bring out his debut album 'I' with the hit single 'King Larry Himself'

In 2003, Lurrenz who resides in Sweden traveled to Africa and worked together with top producers to give birth to the new album 'Still Single and Rich' which was released in 2007.