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Full Name: Abayomi Agunbiade
Music Genre: hiphop
Website: http://www.myspace.com/da_tustep

"To 'O Ba je Ta ko"(Talking about Pride)/2002,"To 'O Ba je Ta ko"(Talking about Pride)REMIX/2006,

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Tu-Step is a Rapper is a different attitude and creativities.His styles is uncomparable ,he sound unique,spitting real word that touches listen ear.

It all started way back when he was young,music was in his family coz his dad is a music producer.He is a popular contemporary music producer called "Juju" here in Africa.

Basically,he was influenced by the kind of music he listen when he was in high school.His first music group was FOUR MEN,He left the group after his final exam in the high school the group did a DJ demo.And he later formed a new rap group called BWA-Brothers With Attitude.The group break up fews years later and He formed a new with a rapper he met in the studio while he was preparing for his first single professionally and they called this new group BLACK IMAGE.The group performed in major concerts and show across the country before they finally decide to go on a solo career.

As a single soldier,Tu-step had been making waves first with his debut single "To 'O Ba je Ta ko"(Talking about Pride).This single is on major radio stations topchart playlist across the country and near by region like Ghana,Togo,Benin e.t.c.

Presently he has a debut video clip enjoying massive airplay on most TV station across Africa and also on MTVBase -Africa Top 10.,Channel O and cable TV channels.The track title:Shokishombolo Feat 9ice and B-Right of the RUFF,RUGGED&RAW.

He is presently recording his Debut Album,just watch for this young and talent Rapper from Africa coz he will rocking your hood soon.

He is open for Collaboration,for interviews,promotion ,review or booking.