Full Name: Abolore Akande
Music Genre: hiphop
Website: http://www.9iceonline.com

The Certificate - 2007

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The artist 9ice, (born Abolore Akande on the 17th of January) known for his versatility, proverbial lyrics and unique style started his singing and writing career at the age of fourteen. Justifiable tagged “the hit maker”, 9ice conveys with his music, a new ethnic flavor and eclectic style that is uniquely his.

In 1994 he produced his first demo titled: ‘Risi de alagbaja’, and in 2000 helped form the group MYSTERIOUS BOYZ. After the split of mysterious boyz in 2001, he went ahead to found the group called ABINIBI. They recorded two songs called ‘Ma gbe keke e lo’ and ‘Sayo’ in which the later became a bona fide party anthem throughout the environs of Lagos. After 2 years of working together, the group decided it was time to pursue solo careers.

In 2006 9ice got signed on to EDGE RECORDS, an independent musical label and recorded his first album titled CERTIFICATE comprising of Thirteen tracks and two skits. Some of the hits songs in the album include: ‘Little money’, ‘Talent deh Waste, Music Daddy and
the club banger 'Ganja Man'. 9ice’s noteworthy debut album features known performers like Lord Of Ajasa, 2Phat and 2Shotz as well as tracks produced by hot and in-demand producers, I.D Kabasa, Joe Kenny and Kenny Keyz.

Years of studying the industry and refining his skills, has helped him develop his musical ideology and style. His powerful use of the Yoruba language and his lyrical abilities sets him apart from a lot artist in his genre and in his opinion is what makes him 9ice.
This unique style, evident on the song 'Ruggedy Baba' a hit track he did with Nigeria’s Ruggedman, often leaves many listeners astonished at the magic of the delivery and the rhythmic harmony.

9ice aspires to raise his game, push the creative envelope and transcend music stereotypes. He is working hard to build a solid, outstanding body of work that hopefully will outlive him. He aims in all ways to become a reference point for Nigerian artistes anywhere. Reminiscent of the likes of Fela, Youssour Ndour and Angelique Kidjo, he hopes to someday become a cultural ambassador with his music and he feels consistency, originality as well as old-fashioned hard work are the keys to achieving all these.

His music credits include collaborations with RuggedMan on the chart topping ‘RuggedyBaba’, the powerful social commentary ‘Make dem talk’ recorded with 2Shotz, as well tracks from his own album, amongst others. His musical influences range from Wyclef Jean to the Miliki Maestro, Ebenezer Obey. 9ice is without a doubt leaving his mark in the Afro hip-hop circle and worldwide.