Valley - Dust


Valley - Dust

Full Name: Vincent Nwaikwu
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Switch-Lane Records


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Valley - Dust is the one and only underground prince of Hip-hop/R&B that ain't be found, he is the space link between R&B/Hip-Hop. Dust who grew and spend his early age in the South-West Province of Cameroon, says he don't wanna get into tha makossa thing like some other veterans who grew up with him there."I don't wanna join them doesn`t means that i hate `em, ya`ll know ya don't have to things cause peeps around are doing it, i do thingz i feel, chose 'n' like " he says he is inspired to do what he is doing and not just going into it like some bitty dopey turds.

12th August (1984) born Ambnuo Vincent Uzoma Nwaikwu, started showing up in a very little age which has keep him known by the street and blocks as [Young V]. Young V who inherit his stage name as "Valley-Dust" as a result of showed up in Shows and "Behind Tha MIC freestyles", like one of the world klass kid,was 6yrs old when he starts visiting his dad in the studio in Cameroon. Why and what impressed the young performer to be at the studio in reserved time was a question for everyone to ask with no answers. Later things went dour and dad give up tha game.

Young V cant`t even remember when and what happens to dad last kash as the young teen went out huslin in tha Street. He doesn`t have to ocsilate about his dad doing that gospel rhymes in the studio, but it`s obvious been with homeis in the hood, though life was had and skool days sour,young v don`t spending his time taking felas behind the blocks and turning them up and using the teachers table for keyboard. His perant [Christians] doesn`t know when the ball hit,till they found him indelibly a pioneer of his own philosophy.

Valley-Dust who was shot in a target, but escape with one bullet pelting his right arm, remember the Chicago peid pipper R. Kelly, and gain suspense as he keep his head straight. He has made a line in tha streets 'cuz of his rhymes and songs, "respect was given to him cuz of his breaking ballads in skools and blocks". Says ZA Blade of thier former [FineBoyzDaBlock]. Za Blade who is no more was the leader and rapmaster of the group and has futured Dust in both Cameroun and Nigeria as they go together sparkling up local shows freestyle. Dust and Za Blade
was working under construction with Black Palm, Swift and TahMugu on an albulm [Water From Dry Land] when they lost their programing file, and their 39 records where stolen they need to start again. On their way to [FineBoyzLivin] albulm, Za Blade was drown dead in a river which 'cuz a crunch to the group.

Despite all, the Cameroun-Nigeria born artiste is still keeping his head up in his new formed crew [SwitchLaneSquade] and proofing what which is like to be a real phenomenon in the game. He is now in Aba Nigeria a hidden city though with some young breeds as he wuold`t be left out in night spots.

He is looking for a real manager that will have a good time with him "I`ll hit tha tour 'n' my manager gets tha dough, I juz want tha world to get my flava, I ain`t after them gees. I dont care what peeps are callin me, but all I care is to be real to `em ". He is so magnificent and has to prove it whenever he is to perform behind the mic/mix.

If ya feel like to do some I`ll shit with him, damn fix tha date time 'n' place.