Music Genre: hiphop

Single Release 2007 Welcome and COME 2 WARRI

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A lot of people have been waiting for this time to come and da time is now. from the hood of WARRI come the rapper who goes by the name.N.U.T.R.A.[nutra] real name Kingsley Freeborn, from the Oil Rich city of Warri,Niger-Delta da south-south call it da DIRTY SOUTH of Nigeria. Attended his primary and Secondary school there, he’s born with the words of rap in his mouth when mama was giving birth to him and since the first day he step into the word Nutra, sleep,eat,drink and wake-up with rap inside of him burning 247.Back in his school days at Urhobo College he was crown with the award of best rapper of all time by the school drammatic Club [Pladds] due to his love for hard-core dirty south jams doing stuff done by the legend of rap Tupac Amaru Shakur, he was named Shakur by his pals back then in school and the name still remain as hes well known around Warri City.He has won lots of music award.the best rapper of Warri 1999,best lyrics rhyme and style 2000,Best Rap Group with his defunt crew Da Nutra Connector.e.t.c.He has featured in some Nigeria artiste album and also in Ghana.Nutra has featured in several shows acroos Nigeria. But now is the time for Nutra to burst all in gat in stock to every corner of the word. passing his inspirational message about the ghetto, politics, love. sadness anything u can think of Nutra gat it all to offer.So he comes with his lyrical weapon of rhyme destruction and its going to hit your chect like never before and slamming real done to your heart, when u hear his lyrical rhyme to the fullest blasting like the AK47 weapon in his single hit [Welcome] enjoying good air play in Ghana stations and Nigeria da album dropping soon, just watch out cause he gat it all. During his Radio interview at Oman 107.1 fm in Ghana. Here’s what Nutra said. I am da N.U.T.R.A [nutra from da wafclan,i spit rhymes that make u high,my music is a message to the world in all ways teaching the ghetto how to make use of themselves, message to the government let them hear what I have to say cause they are not helping the society, talking about love its all about the message.. A lot of people have been waiting for this time and now is the time men,no bi my power but na God, in the album you’ll get songs like Welcome the single hit, Only God Can Judge Me, Party In Da House, Plane Crash, Thank You Letter To My Dad, Welcome Remix [ Pidgin version] Come to Warri , Scammer, U Understand. All this dropping soon so WATCH OUT!!! I want to say a big shout out to my pals in Warri, Nigeria,Ghana, to my Mom and Dad for been there for me my brothers and sisters,to the warri artist making warri proud I.GO DIE, FISHE, I GO SAVE, OGUS BABA, ALPHABET, VOJA $LY D e.t.c u know we all started from the dramatic society a.k.a Pladd’s and to the world at large. I want to say notin do us na so e bi for the world to see. because its either the best or nothing.this is the best I HAIL OOO all the way from Accra.