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Full Name: Adebawo Kolawole Jordan
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Music Planet/Master's House Ent.[management]

Otutu Mumi/Olomoge [singles]

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Kaddy [Adebawo K. Jordan],this young R&B chap bent at realising his dream in the music industry made his move obvious when he dropped his,'All I Wish' onthe 19th of November,2006.The LP was originally designed as underground album.It was meant to test the acceptance of his kind of his kind of musical delivery from vocal,lyrics and even to the production.The LP was sampled all over the country [Nigeria],neighbouring west african countries;Rep. of Benin,Togo,Ghana,Cote D'Ivoire, cenral afican country,Gabon and the UK.

The response generated from DJs,Producers,Critics/Analysts,Presenters from the sampled areas were overwhelming as they all made their own con tributions from different perspectives.The CD shops where the limited copies
of 'All I Wish' were sampled had all the units sold.The reason for fast sales was not unconnected to the promotional materials which heralded the content of the album.Report from the CD shops owners were on the question why the songs were not [hot] on the air.

However,Kaddy is now set to take his music
[as a career] to the mainstream with the level of experience he is gathering.Satisfying music lovers [his teeming fans in particular] is now his focal point as he shares large portion of his time between recording in the studios [with Producers like Freestyle,DJ Srtamborella on 'party mixes',Jaonne of the West African Idol fame etc.] and rehearsals with his live band,Kaddy's World Band.