Big Chief


Big Chief

Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Prostyle Records (USA)

Live your life
I see you
Take her to the floor

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Music was an escape route for me back when I was growing up. I grew up in Lagos Nigeria which is also my place of birth and where it all began. Hip hop music slowing found its ways into Nigeria in the early 90ís and I remembered listening to B.I.G (rest in peace), LL Cool J, and a host of other artist on the radio. I began emulating their styles and writing rhymes about different things. I was very into the music that I started miming some of the songs at social gatherings and performances at my school.

My first rap group was called "cowboys for Christ" and we performed gospel rap. We performed at different churches, schools and most notably at Lagos State Univeristy. The group broke up when I departed for the US in 2001 to further my education. I currently hold a degree in Health Information Technology. My vision is to use my talent to inspire and empower youth around the world. My first album is titled "AFROAMERICANA"; which symbolizes my acculturation of American music and life style in conjunction with my African roots. I produced some of the tracks on my upcoming album and I also worked with other producers. I have a different perspective of rap music and I do it my way. I strongly believe in my abilities as a songwriter and a producer; am geared to making music that tells something... so listen.