Full Name: Tolulope Obijole
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: not yet
Website: http://Not Yet

1.Power of a 'G' - 2004
2.Day & Night - 2004
3.She wants it - 2004
4.Ghetto Queen(featured artist) - Asterix 2006
5. Showa(featured artist) - Sheyman 2007
6.Put ur hands ups(featured artist) - Rasque 2007
7.Omoye feat. Carolyn - 2007
8.Je kin feel e - 2007
9.Rise together - 2007

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Gclef aka Grandmaster Clef grew up in Virgina State, USA before returning to Nigeria in 1985. He schoolled in Abeokuta. His early influences was Eddy Grant, Fugees and the Refugee Allstars, and WestCoast Rappers like Dr.Dre, Snoop Dog,2pac,Ice Cube, Warren G, Nate Dogg etc
He wrote his first rap for a Church Group and made his first demo in 2004. Gclef does Hip Hop, reagae, dancehall and sometimes R&B. He has featured with various artist in the rock city. Artist like Bishop(of the dance group "Bishop Crusaders"), Tunde Pedro, Sheyman (of Next Level Records),Bright Ijabor (of Unscrew Inc), Asterix, Rasque just to mention a few. Presently, Gclef is working on his upcoming Album for 2007. His producers include Seun Sanu & Sheyman. Watch out for the rise of G-Music.