Hymen DOS



Hymen DOS

Full Name: Hymen DOS
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Tyger Hood Entertainment
Website: http://www.myspace.com/hymendos


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Yo all, Am Hymen DOS "Rap Tycun", Born 30th October 1986, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Have Two Step Brodaz, Three Blood Sistaz and One Step Sista..... Ooppsss I lost one of ma Step Broda Stanley (I love him so much) R.I.P Young Solja...... Ma Biological Mum and Popz iz still alive and both living together with ma siblingz in ma village...

A moment of silence for ma Mum, Mentor, Role Model and God Sent Mrs. Dorcas Iwade Okosodo (R.I.P) Who died 27th April 2005 of H.B.P (High Blood Pressure). "Mum even though you're gone, you're always on ma mind" I love ya so much Mum, Ya Memoriez never diez...

About to bust into the music industry Hymen DOS started spitting while still very young, it all started during ma primary school days when I try to flow wit the shit I hear, ma Uncle waz really down wit Rap Music so I get to hear lotz of artiste and I started to felt da flavour, I had influences like 2Pac (Thug Life), Snoop Dog, Wu Tang Klan, RedMan, EPMD, Public Enemy, Nas, NWA, RUN DMC to name a few. Then I started to discover ma skills in rap music, then back in da dayz, am alwayz in ma Hood (B-side), Freestylin wit Homiez like Kuruptor, MatiMatiX (Me and MatiMatix are the only official member of "Nazgul Klan" Be rest assured that this two can do da unbelievable shit). I will not be quoted wrong if I call Dirty South Naija(B-Side) the home of Gangsta and Hardcore rap...

While tryin to bring maself to limelight, I had many strugglez, setbackz and I even went as far as calling it time out for ma Music for a while and started to hustle in order for me to raise some money for studio tyme, but the hustlin could not meet my needz, I dropped outta school due to Family Financial Problemz, I was forced to da streetz. Like they say in life: Nothing Happen By Accident, Everything Happen For a Purpose... I am glad the street raised me, cause I learnt alot of thingz about life and got some experience which is taking me where am almost ending...

I turned a hustler, did alot of stuff, got maself involve in some serious shit, but still I was able to get maself out of some serious shitz and get real focus back on getting maself out on a mixtape...

In da cause of chasing ma dream, I left ma state Edo (B-side) for Lagos, where I also learnt that in life all you need is yaself, God and what you have to offer. I saw that I needed to help maself before I could really get the help or breakthrough I needed. I met with some few people in Lagos and all they said was "just try and do something and we'll see what will happen". So I left Lagos for Benin, I hooked up with some niggaz and we doin some serious shit right now...

Other Info:

Am waxing my mixtape titled "Tha Genesys"
Should be In Stores (Feb. 2007)

A Yung Xyal Production
Hymen DOS
<<- RAP TYCUN ->>

01. Face Da Fact
02. Welcome 2 My Block
03. Letz Ride
04. I Set Ya On Fire
05. Why Ya Wanna Lock Me Up
06. Alwayz Gon' Love My Boo
07. Time 2 Act
08. Letz Unite
09. Check Ya Time
10. Dirty South Rock
11. Still Hustlin
12. Street Made Me
13. Tribue 2 Mama
14. I Can't Be Like That
15. Still Got Luv 4 Ma Niggas
16. U Should Be Ashame
17. Tearz 4 Ma Pass Years
18. Rhymezomania
19. Again (Remix)
20. Crunk (Remix)
21. Let's Dance

Bonus Track:
22. Again (Demo)
23. Crunk (Demo)