Full Name: sidney esiri
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Trybe Records

Don't Stop 2003
Raise DA roof 2005
No long thing ft D'banj 2006

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SID (Dr sidney esiri) is a 26 year old qualifed dentist whose love for hip hop
knows no boundries. Coming from an entertainment background (father being legendary nigerian actor Justus Esiri), SID had little choice but to follow suite. He started his career from the backgrounds devolping his skills and finally made is debut in 2002 on Da trybes' oya he then released his own single, Dont Stop in 2003. SID took a break to focus on skool at the university of ibadan where he graduated with a bachelors degree in dental surgery in 2004. he has spent the last 2 years rediscovering himself and working on his debut album the PROGNOSIS due out november 2006.
H is an extremely talented young who si yet to hit hus peak.