Bayo Aka Bayoz Muzik



Bayo Aka Bayoz Muzik

Full Name: Adebayo Fakos
Music Genre: afrobeat

Africa Girls 2006
B.O.B Compilation album 2006@

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Jack of all trades Bayo is a multi-talented London based producer, songwriter & DJ. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria Bayo used to help his uncle make and sell tapes at the front of their house, it was only a matter of time before the young man would begin making his own music. Playing around with various forms of music, Bayo started to create and develop his own unique sound. His musical signature, heavily driven drums & percussions made him popular amongst industry playas. After collaborating with a number of producers & rappers and featuring on various mixtapes Bayo decided to create his own music production company. Born was Bayoz Muzik, with a focus of producing outstanding music showcasing the best talents from all around the world. Join Bayo as he embarks on the first leg of his journey.