Da loudspeeka aka Big Geeman


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Da loudspeeka aka Big Geeman

Full Name: Godstime Sunday Ebiega
Music Genre: hiphop
Website: http://www.daloudspeeka.8k.com


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Da loudspeeka is one of 'em Geez that will definitely Blow the Naija Hip-Hop scene when his Joints hits the surface.
I'm sold out to doing Afro + Pure Hip-Hop
"I've got styles thrilling cos' every line I spit has got the sweet savour of Royco seasoning"
Born in the 80's, Grew with the 90's, In the 2000's, I wrote my first Rap titled "Pirates Beware" which coincidentally carried same message with Ruggedman's Ehen Pt.1.

I had to shun the recording cos' this Rap Boss had said what is to be said. I felt It’s pure cabbage to do same song, it wasn't easy though cos' it was like a knife stab at the back of my chest that made me suffer, this was my first Lyrics ever.-I love Ruggedman.

Time rolled, in March 2003, a friend cracked his own shells, he’s got same vision as I've got. Michael Eromosele aka Multiply to me is "king of freestyles", we tagged and with open arms, we search for more lyrical soldiers which of course we got one a year later.
Solomon Lazarus aka Da Info is a good lyricist, made of a unique voice emitting flavour coated words as he rhyme on instrumentals "We dey new to the scene but you don dey hear us since", "Our lyrics comes like a glowing splint"
Emmanuel Ejeh Okoh aka Mofeks joined us in the middle of 2004. He is a sensational Soul music singer, a rock star, an R&B star (Mo' & B), and a Rap artist. He is a jack of all this trades and a master of all he's got himself into. Two mics, Run way, 15lines, Act like that, Me & My flows + Darkest moment shows it all.
A bigger plus came to the 4 existing men when Destine Ynot (pronounced as destine why -not) originally called Anthony Oche Unogwu joined the group "Shun Brother" this guy is a 5 mics material when it comes to love songs and Rhythm & Bluez, "Wetin I go do-if you love me, you go make me kolo" really worked for Kaduna, Abuja, Jos, Benue and other states of Nigeria that heard it.The group of 5 solid men, all pure lyricists came up with the name "BLACK UNITY" and recorded a monster bombing hit song called "THE ANTHEM" that thrill every ears that heard it.
Wisely enough Da Loudspeeka has enrolled himself in a production school where he learns Audio Engineering & hopes to graduate in October 2006.
In preparation for a BOMBBLAST Recording that will blow the Hip-Hop scene in Naija, Da Loudspeeka has gone Underground like Crude Oil to cook up Lyrics and therefore he alerts Nigerians, Africans & the world at large to watch out for Hit tracks like "RUDE BOY", WE DEY CLUBBIN", GET DOWN", NAIJA HIP-HOP THING", TWO MICS-Remix(Geemix)", "DOUBLE UP","EGE NO' STIKA" + more that will come later 2007 where He hopes to work with Mista F, Mofeks', Bash, Klint D Drunk, Christa, Sleem J, El-Bona, Destine-Ynot, Puzzle, Pherowshuz, OD, Sixfootplus, Handkuffz, Gambitz, AT, Dansour, VIP (Ghana), Funkiest Mallam, Tu face, Blackface, Intrudah, 2 shotz, Ruggedman, Zakky Adze & lots more.
Just stay alert cos' all I've got Hooks, I'ma bad Cook when it comes to Lyric'in, & for my guideline, I'm tha Book. No mimic'in Da Loudspeeka + Maut-pizz
Nigeria Watch out !!!