Full Name: Dike Ndukwe
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: N.O.T.U.G records
Website: http://nil

"Na MCC be dis" Album Unreleased

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The Archaeologist is well versed in the rudiments of African poetry,language,rhyme,folklore and rhythm.Blessed with the Mutant ability to "butter water beats into wine" since age nine,the "Mentalist" has traversed the "Soundscape" for aeons in pure rhyme form revealing himself randomly to only true hip-hop adepts.The coalesing of the many vibrationary waves at this particular point in space-time has brought about the appearance (once again)of the physical manifestation of the absolute embodiment of the 16 bar rap thought pattern.Consequently,The "M-plate" once more walks among men and their mentors,devouring at will all those who would dare test the mike with a "one-two-check-check".So gather round,throw your hands in the air and wave them in the atmosphere,for this is the epoch of the MCC.A thousand and two hundred years before the prophecy(that unexpected).Now blasphaming MC's seek refuge in eggshell fortresses.As the "C's" cover seventy percent of the earth surface, sanctuaries shatter and the truth is left bare...correct...NA MCC BE DIS.

contributed by.Ali~a "The Psi"