Lexzy Doo


Lexzy Doo

Full Name: Adeleke Adeyemi
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1998: Big Mess (as X-Appeal)
2003: More like a remix (from the album lexzy's world)

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It all started many years ago when young lexzy was drafted into a group known as RIGHT ON TIME (R.O.T); it was an r n b group with about four members. The group had an album launched, but some factors led to the disbandment of the group and lexzy had to move on.

The group X -APPEAL, was the next stop, and that gave lexzy-doo his big break as the group was tha bomb with their first single WHAT U WANT (omo wa se ori se), the single did so well and it also brought about the trend in Nigerian music scene where YORUBA language is been used in lyrics. The group had their first album BIG MESS, released in the year 2001 and the album did well on radio.

Lexzy -doo is now a solo act doing well in the industry, with his first single MORE LIKE A REMIX featuring ruggedman and nomoreloss. The single is the first from the album LEXZY-DOO'S WORLD, and the release for the album is due soon. Lexzy-doo's music is hip-hop inclined with rap colabos and productions from o.j.b jezreel and segzion from silverpiont stables. The album promises to bring more delight into the music scene in the country as it offers dance tracks such as JULE (drop it), BABY SKE SKE, and ALAPOSA.

The Album is gonna be a 10 tracker album and is due soon, so watch out and keep your ears glued to the ground for more info.