Full Name: bolaji salami
Music Genre: fusion
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Website: http://www.beejainoonline.8k.

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My musical background could be vividly traced back to 7 years before this time when I was in junior high school. I was a member of a four underground musical afro-hip hop group called The hard knockers (HK). The group consists of beejay (myself), j-rex, gee-rex, bee-rex and k.slord.

The musical group was well known in school then and even the school authority were proud to have us as a student in the school.

After years of hustling and bustling to have the required resources (money) needed to book a studio session fee so as to record our first demo. We finally succeeded and proceeded to record our first demo at de prince studio located somewhere around the outskirt of alagbado area in Lagos. We recorded a track titled “eko” which we dedicated to the governor of Lagos state for his numerous efforts in the administration of Lagos.

An aid close to the governor heard to song when it was played on metro fm and requested to meet us formally but the spokesman of the group misplaced the contact address which he gave to us.

Lately in 2001, the musical group broke and spllited away due to the non-challant attitude of some members of the group towards rehearsals this made me feel that there won’t be a bright future for the group if it persists.

I took on to my fate and I was doing my thing all alone and people who listen to my freestyles always encourage me and some even try to link me up with an assisting hand.

The numerous encouragements I had from my well wishers made me more determined to continue with my African governmental-revolutional concept of music.

I was faced with a lot of difficulties in the course of having a demo piece of work by myself due to lack of resources for this to be accomplished. Am sure this is the same nagging problem a lot of upcoming stars outhere are having which has not made them realize there musical dreams on time.

Later in 2003 after I graduated from secondary school, I became a popular artiste within the area where I reside in Lagos island. I later took a step forward on my musical career when I became a pioneer founder of the Lagos Island Musicians and Deejays (LIMAD) which was founded 3 years ago.

I have performed at a whole lot of shows but in and out of Lagos most of the shows I perform outside Lagos are being sponsored by friends who knows the stuff am made of.

I have performed for months in a local night club on lagso island and I have featured a lot of artiste on their songs some of the are: Dimon, Rexecutive tha executive, Play boy and lots more. I have also performed alongside ruggedman at the Lagos airport hotel ikeja and lots of superstars. Also I have numerous shows lined up for me among which is the Face of kwara which will be coming up on 17 aug. 2005 at the kwara hotel where I will perform alongside maintain,fada u turn and krazy kulture.

I took my musical career to another level when I recorder one of my track which I titled “Abuja”. This tarck made me to be know on campus in my school (kwara state polytechnic) as the “Abuja man” while some call me “Beejay tha bad m-cee” because of the rave I made with the governmental-revolutional song.

Name: Ibrahim Bolaji Abdulsalam (Beejaino)

Contact: 08032324847 or 08055779585