Da Knight



Da Knight

Full Name: Elvins Ralphael
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Phatflame Records
Website: http://still workin on it

"da front page"bounce,my dreams"n"my hommies,my campus Queen.

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Da knight whose ryl name is Elvins "knight" is an ill blooded raper with this lyrical strenght and styles which is out of this shores,i am an undergraduate studing Mechanical Engineering.Am moved by da good works of 2pac,canibus,Rakim,Beanie segal,nas,LL cool J and ofcourse Akon.Am popularly knownn as da knight by my fans,starrphyte by my hommies,Elvsphee by my shortees "n"zheeblock by my dogz "n"coastmen.Busrtin d MIC is my Basic Investment Before Leavin de Earth (BIBLE).Dizz wad i do 4 hip 2 da hop.Am out.