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Dream come True

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Amidst the economic turmoil of the time, flagrant human right abuse and campus unrest, further intensified by the evolution of cults on Nigerian university campuses; Terror was the order of the day, student being murdered on campuses and increased prostitution amongst the female residents, Dozie Atueyi created Rocksolid as a solution to the prevailing problems.

The vision was to create a voice that would be able to call terrified students to the safe havens in Christ and with the use of music, water down the gangster culture fueled by explicitly violent lyrics of American rap music and profane R&B.

Out of Rocksolid came "KUSH" a biblical name for the "blackman"
KUSH is Toyin Sokefun aka "TY", Lara Bajomo aka "L", Emem Ema and the male voice of the "blackman" Dapo Torimiro, aka "Dappy Doo"

Within six months of completing their Debut album they made a major impact on the music scene in Africa, injecting the soulful R & Bmusic into mainstream radio, smoky nightclubs and packed auditoriums.

KUSH music is a fusion of Afro-centric Gospel and pop often intertwined with the pumping hip-hop beats, laced with the jazzy smooth rhythm and occasional injection of African language to reveal their identity.

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