Full Name: Fadeyi Oluniyi Steven
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Music Planet

Shake It Tonite/Kinni Website [SINGLES,2006]

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Naughty,this talented young rapper whose ability to on words is highly unique was born and bred in the historical town of Badagry in Lagos.His dad,a Civil Engineer and mum,a proffessional photographer were both instrumental to the progress in his musical pursuit as they both gave him the chance to follow the lead of his elder brother `Manff~O` who is a founding member of `Music Planet Crew` alongside `Kaddy`[the founding leader] and `Maxter~P [co`founder].

The attitude with which Naughty spits his lines stamps him out.Unique in a way that reminds one of Jay`Z`s deep but steady flows,Nas` lyrical tightness and Maintain`s fun giving punches. The homeboy,as naughty as he might be, delivers perfectly,gracing each verse with indegenous tongue[yoruba].His forthcoming debut album[Naughty Indeed] is unbelieveably billed to feature Raw,Eedris Abdulkareem,Awesome,Ruggedman etc.

On his way up there,he shares his time religiously between classes and studios.Currently,Naughty is studying Psychology at hte University of Lagos, Akoka,Lagos.

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