Full Name: Kaysha Kaysha
Music Genre: other
Label: Sushiraw Entertainment
Website: http://www.kaysha.com/kaysha

98: I'm ready
99: Worldwidechico
03: It's all love
04: African Bohemian
06: Legendary

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Kaysha is the future of Afro-Caribbean music. He’s the perfect blend between kizomba, rhumba, zouglou, zouk, calypso, r&b, hip-hop, etc… Since his first show in 1992, Kaysha have been constantly defining a sound of his own. And at the same time changing so much it made you get confused. But one thing never change, it’s that Kaysha sound that’s so appealing.

One of the most eclectic rapper and producer to work on places like the West indies, South America and Africa. He was born in Democratic Republic of Congo but immigrated to France with his parents at the age of seven. Kaysha is very well known for his first hit single which uses a sample from West Indian band Kassav’s Oul� in a song called “Bounce Baby”, which introduced him to fans all over the world.

The next year, he changed his whole style to record a more urban album called “Worldwidechico” with a duo with Wu Tang Clan’s Killah Priest. His latest hit to date is “On dit quoi” a huge hit all around Africa, from his latest album “It’s all love” released in his own label Sushiraw.

Kaysha is also a successful music producer. He produced songs for the most known artists in the Afro-Caribbean scene, including Passi, Solaar, Jacob Desvarieux, Soumia, Lynnsha, Elizio, Ludo, etc…

Kaysha gained new fans all around the world by doing literally thousands of shows around Africa, the West Indies and anywhere his feet could take him….
Originally a shy composer, Kaysha found himself on stage with a microphone after winning a beauty contest in Belgium. From then, he toured 6 years and produced tracks for many people in France, including big names. Fustrated by the ways of french major labels and them not believing in his conception of music, he followed a friend in the West Indies. There, it all began…

Kaysha released 4 solo albums and is the succesful CEO of Sushiraw entertainment.