Full Name: Lanre Lawal
Music Genre: hiphop

The Method Guyz (Situation Report, 2004)

Zee World (My 1st Single, 2004)

AM419 (Look Me Well Well - Mixtape Vol. 1, 2006)

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Blarque, born Lanre Lawal in Lagos and grew up in a ghetto known as Agege in Lagos State of Nigeria.Blarque beign born and bred in the hood, grew up to know/understand life in many ways.
Attended District Primary School, Agege; Onipetesi High School Agege; went further to Lagos City Computer College,Ikeja where he obtained a Diploma in Computer Science; also attended International Film and Broadcast Academy where he obtained a Diploma in Entertainment Broadcasting and an Advance Diploma in Entertainment Broadcasting at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School (FRCN Training School). Currently studying Mass Communications at Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ).
The streets knock him hard and he was left with no other option than to be become a man. Blarque has always dream of becoming a Medical Doctor a child, but NEVER actualize that dream. He always know, even as a kid that he will, one day become a major positive voice on issues that concern the youths and the society at large. He's always love Entertainment with passion!

Blarque held unto entertainment (music in particular) as his number one instrument and means of getting to the dreamland. While in High school, Blarque formed a musical group called "The Oxidized". He was the leader and major rapper of the group. Later, he founded The Don Brothers (2001). He was knon then as "Da Don"; other members of the crew are: Gideon Aluko (a.k.a. "Don Marcuzzo), Wale Balogun (a.k.a "Don X") and Lewis Buseni (a.k.a. Don Markavelli). The Don Brothers were into full Events Management and Entertainment Consultancy.
In 2003, Blarque went on and formed "THE BLARQUE FAMILY" which gives birth to the dream... "BLARQUE ENTERTAINMENT INC."; a full-fledge Artistes management, Music promotion and Entertainment Consultancy company...and the much anticipated record label "CLOCKWYCE RECORDS".

BLARQUE ENTERTAINMENT INC. is the permanent tent. The company has, since inception been the house for many creative and talented youths. The company is involved in Production, Management and Publication.

Watch Out for the Next Level!
Clockwyce Records (The Record Label), Blarque Boy Marketing & Publishing (The big marketing and Music Publishing Company), Don Sidon Clothings, Denge Apparel.
watch Out!!!

Zee World, Reava (a.k.a. Regalyke), Pa J (USA), Damask (USA), Shoboy (USA), Rich Kid (Canada) and Sway (Germany)

Efe 'Freak' Omorogbe, Shaqir 'Dele Akanbi, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Ruggedman, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Nas.

...if y'all don't y'all know! This is the NEXT LEVEL.

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