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Krazee Kulture

Full Name: Olotu meredith
Music Genre:
Label: Touch down Records

1. Jupa Jupa {Single) 2002

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The group krazee kulture started in 1993 then the group was a four man
live band that played all brands of music at different bars on weekends. In1996 two of the original members of the group left to start their solo careers and the other two i.e Dudu and Koldman recorded their first job titled ''Dancing Machine'' the job also had other hits like Koldman and Funky Train.

Their works gained the group a large cult like following from their area
which is Gowon Estate in Egbeda a surburb in Lagos and got them
nominated in the finals of the Nigeria International Song Festival in
1996. This was followed by a series of shows in the Chelsea/Squadron Grand Slam organised by RayPower 100.5 fm. Nigeria's number one independent radio station in the late nineties.

The group then went undaground for a while only to resurface with a
monster hit ''Jupa Jupa'' by the end of 2001 on All-Black Entertainment
an outfit owned by the group and some friends .

The success of the single which started as a radio hit was enormous and
because of the late release pirates went in for the kill but in another
vein turned the group into a national household name even before the
release of their album in May 2003 on X L House a local record label
owned by Big Bamo of Maintain fame. The Jupa project also inculde other
hit tracks like ''Ori O'' which was of a more philosophical feel than
the dancehall style Krazee Kultrure was noted for. Another jam was ''Boju
Boju'' a traditional folksong in a hiphop rendition.

The group recently recorded two songs for their next job titled ''Back 2
Back'' a typical Krazee kulture song with lots of fast and danceable
beats and ''Olopa'' i.e. police station a song dedicated to victims of
police brutality featuring Eddy Remedy . Both songs were done amidst
rumours of their quiting XL House their record label.The work was done
in Little Fish studios with prodigy producer Omololu and is due for
radio preview soon.

We'd like to thank our fans from everywhere for all thir support
especially our people from K-Town our hood back in Gowon Estate,
Computer Village in Ikeja, Sure Network, Jibson Ventures, and our All-Black crew for keeping their fingers crossed.

Profile: dudu
- Stage Name - Dudu wan a.k.a Da Dubster.
- Real Name - Fehintola Olotu Meredith .
- Date of Birth - 20th of June
- Zodiac sign - Gemini
- Educational Back ground - Graduate of Sociology from LASU also has a post graduate diploma in journalism from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism.
- Music Style - Dance hall
-Comments - Ever since I was a kid I always knew I could sing . At every level of my education I had been involved in entertainment . Back in the days in K-town (i.e where we hang out ) they call us the legends cos it was very obvious that we are going places. Afro Hip-hop is the future of Hip Hop cos all dem other guys in the U.S.A are black so they just doing back there what they would have been doing
if they were here.

Profile: Kold Man
- Stage Name- Kold Man
- Real Name- Kola John
- Date of Birth - 20th of Nov
- Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
- Instrument played- Rhythm and Bass guiter.
- Music style - Afro R&B ,Rap.
- Comment - The kinda music we play is the real defination of Afro hip hop cos we blend African feeling with straight Hip Hop if not for love for Hip Hop i would have felt comfortable playing Juju, Fuji, or Afro beat, cos i really respect the music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti ,King Sunny Ade and Kwam1,like I respect Wyclef Jean cos he play the strings and sing and rap like i do. I also love Dr Dre,Snoop Dogg and all dem other brothers that do straight , hot Hip Hop so I believe that there must be a bridge and KRAZEE KULTURE is the bridge.