N.u.d.i.v.a.( The Great) aka Da Nameless



N.u.d.i.v.a.( The Great) aka Da Nameless

Full Name: ibrahim salihu
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: none

wake up(1999),hey nudiva(1999),the game is on(2001),taking a walk(2005)

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Started raps when i was in primary 5,dat was 1992 or so(im pretty young u know,lol).so ive always been a one man army for as far as i could remember.Blazing traxx n all dat.

Finished my secondaary school(Hope secondary school,Kaduna) 2000,exactly the time i met my first crew(the liquid metal squad ,feat.damex,ice bits,cloud dust,triple soul,outline,j/k,sub-zero aka solid ice).I landed on earth 28/02/83(mind u,i said "landed on earth").i wouldnt mention a thing bout school now for some reasons.

Been an active member of www.canibusworld.com,inwhich im unarguably THE AFRICA'S BEST,and amazingly, the mc of the year in there.Roasted a lot of hot dawgs in battles to attain good reps too.

Found africanhiphop.com last year,and i was nominated as the best story teller in there.Battled the best(Mass destruction) and i roasted him like goat(k.o),he left without a vote.

Currently a member of the Dark~siders, feat. damex and have been an active GHOASTWRITER too.

My main mission is to make a change in the Nigerian music scene.Tho I mean with vastility,deep thinking and meditation.I always think peeps view MUSIC from an uncomfortable spot.so im here to make em see it from a bird's eye view.

there's one last thing about me dat u need to know which i would lay in two bars:
some cats warn against biting//
well, i could lay mine for u to bite it//.
lol,dats pretty wack u know.ignore the rhymes and think of the message.

I feel since u've spent ur valuable time in reading my bio,i should drop some words of advise for yall to keep for FREE.
1-'Never drop a pen until IT runs outta ink'.Did u ask why?,or rather, how?Well,heres the answer for both;
there are times when ure writing,u get to a point where u might forget a rhyme or something.So at those times,NEVER say,'lemme just use anything since i cant think of any rhyme".ALWAYS do a little more thinking to avoid rhyming for rhyme sake.
2-NEVER skimp through music.
3-ALWAYS REMEMBER,"ur chance of beating me is like Osama trying to sneak into the white house"
N.u.d.i.v.a.(Newest ultradivine instincts via audio), Nigeria's illest.