Full Name: David fasanmade
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: emmense music
Website: http://none

In da house, come get some

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My biography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trigga, that’s right that’s my name both in the music industry coz unlike most rappers I don’t live a fake live while off the mike and off camera. My momma would prefer you call me David and my last name (surname) Fasanmade got it from poppa who is a professor damm! He doesn’t like the idea of his son rapping but nahh he can’t stop his son.
Trigga is a single artiste you can call me a lone soldier, but can’t do alone at times so seek the help of my crew and record label
‘Emmense music’ mother f**ker!!!!!!!!!!!! Featuring Afo, Bolade and A square
of the double akts and my mother f**king manager
Laolu .Oni.Most folks are always retreated when they hear a name like trigger, my name ain’t trigger it is trigga although it means the same as the previous but I prefer the gangster feel of the ‘a’ at the back. Inspiration to aspiration! My name is a metaphor for digging the core or having guts to do what ya’ll ain’t done be4 don’t get all confused and sh*t just like a trigger is the lever of a gun enabling the owner to fire a hole in a n**gas *ss. I am the biggest Icon in the musical industry “I trigger a change in the whole industry”. I started rapping at age 8.
Don’t get all cocky and don’t get it all twisted I ain’t a killer coz you hear trigga, coz I might probably do just that!!! Just kidding man! I AIN’T GONA tell nobody my age I don’t want’em chicks I’ve lied to to come bust me like Lennox Lewis busted Mike Tyson. I was born in Ibadan Nigeria on the twenty something of da 11th 1980 something. I didn’t really grow up here. I lived in England, Fiji Islands, United states(L.A,Chitown,Phili,N.Y) I was a real bad mother f**ka thought smoking weed ,dealing crack was life I got sent back home to learn my mother f**king lessons. I have learnt them the hard way but thank God I’m here now. I got no specific hobbies but I like sitting in a corner composing songs listening to anything rap hip-hop rock or R&B.I”ll probably get a presentation job in the Nigerian media. I like sports Bee ball soccer and rugby. my mentors are 2pac,Eminem,Nas and Dre and later on in the future I would like to work with Dre say two years time or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I am with no doubt a girl freak I’ve had more than 12 girlfriends in the past two years since true love is hard to find, I’ve shut my heart to all chicks waiting for that hard ‘Bruce lee’s wife to break me apart’. My aspirations are very crazy, that’s what trigga is all about INSANE, CRAZY MADD! That’s it baby, I wanna win AMEN awards,KORA,CHANNELO,MTV AFRICA,MTV EUROPE,MTV,VIBE ,AND THE ULTIMATE mother f**ker
GRAMMY BABY! WHEN I GET ALL THAT SH*T then I’ll settle down with my Nigerian chick or b*tch depending on the outcome of true love. Have my own designer and merchandise company and record label ’FANEE-HABITAT’,WHAT ALL YOU UPCOMING artistes
gonna be wearing, when you
wear them remember TRIGGA-MAN!!!!!!