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Tha Kazdaz

Full Name: Tha Kazdaz
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Tha illest hip hop crew in Naija, talking of hip hop headz like :
kaspa'd'raplurd,micthasniper,teplokahn'd'archangel, and magus tha
kaspa'd'raplurd's a young ill lyricist, ready for battle, he battles
like death is near, so if you think you're LLcool-J, he's Canibus.
Teplokahn'd'archangel's a dope rapper that says he does "catholicism" he
raps to any issue and he believes hip hop is rhythmical.micthasniper's
a real party battle rapper, he can rap to any sh##t, he's a freestylist
and does hip hop as his job. magus tha begotten,hmmm young, vibrant and
can battle you even guru himself, if you're featuring him on your track,
watch out or they may think he's gat tha track.
Beware of this ill dope lyricits, tha illest in tha land, this ain't
bragging you know, it's tha fact and if you doubt,"just tha date, place,
and time" for tha battle sheet...