Full Name: chukwunenye campbell Otiegbe
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: blackworld records

The art form ( a colabo album): 2004
Free agent (moment of clarity): solo album comming up 2006

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it all started in 1999 when c-drill met the duo of inferno &
mac iv. They formed a three man team, & adopted MIC- the first letters in their names, as their monika. They were performing in clubs & shows with other artists' instrumentals & they earned a street acclaim as the first hiphop group to keep it real in nigeria & their area precisely.

mac iv left the group in search of a greener pasture ( everything will be explained in their new track that's been worked on in blackworld hit factory basement). the duo of inferno & c-drill took their game to the next level & entered the lab to work on their first duo album titled ART FORM. After the release, they formed a record label & adopted the name : blackworld. Right now, with their album getting mad airplays on radios in nigeria, they are poised on taking over the music scene & caving a nitch for them selfs. Right now they're trying to hook up a distribution deal with any marketer who'll be capable of making their work reach all the nook & cronies of their country nigeria.

Right now, the group is made up of 7 members who are tight on their specialty. their names are: Dj kaycee: a producer & a disc jooky; TJ wreck: an instrumentalist, he was responsible for almost half of the beats in ART FORM; squeeze: a lyricist , ghost writter & mcee; Inferno: a lyricist, ghost writter & an mcee; eric def: an mcee; zhena: a female R & B single; an lastly C-drill: a producer, lyricist, DJ & mcee.

C-drills' personal info:

Real name: chukwunenye campbell otiegbe
other names: C-drill, emreal, mcee nemesis, c-driniline, apokalips
state of origin: Abia state
birth date: 5th march 1981
height: 5fit 9inch
The most priced posessions: studio equips, pen & pad, ma album
favourite phrase: can i iive
favourite colour: black, green & brown
favoutite food: fried rice, yam puddin or cassava pudding with ogbono soup/egusi
favourite moment: cooking beats in a basement
favourite artists: Henry Anumudu (inferno, big budget & shakespear), chisom leo otiegbe (squeeze), , joy otiegbe ( zhena), eric uwalaka (eric def), chinedu (mac iv), kelvin, Nelly, cherrie, mode 9, OD & kaycee.
hoobie: producing beats, reading books, surfing the web, alotta things mein.
influence: Nas, biggy smalls, jay z (reasonable doubt), cool g rap, common, talib kwali, mos def, big daddy cane, KRS one, daz efx, pete rock, kanye west & primo.

The ghetto spokesman plus mcees nemesis is what best describe me. solo album comming out 2006. watch out for the singles: "the untouchable","if no be rap", "comming currect" "make it last" "i've seen it all' plus more.