Full Name: Bobby Aso
Music Genre: hiphop

Dis Is Only A Sample(Album 2002), Da Research(Album 2004), Self-A-Ducation (Coming Soon)

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Specimen A was once a duo rap group, known for their humourous and ecclectic rap style known as Afro HipHop but best described as "pidgin mixed with english on a funkified beat". They came out with a successful album back in 2004 titled "Da Research" while still under their then record label, Excel Music.The album included hit tracks like "Move,Identity,Cashew Nuts, Feel Am" and many more, not to mention their mad funny skits, that won them "Best Skits" Awards in the streets of Nigeria.
In 2005, Ecxel Music experienced financial difficulty and were unable to further stand as a record label.As a result, Specimen A's two year contract with them was terminated. One thing led to the other and Henry, the other half of the group decided to go solo, bearing the name "The Answer" leaving Bobbyjee as the only Specimen A member. In the abscence of a record label, Specimen A is currently working on a new album titled "Self-A-Ducation" which is due out soon, though his single "Fed Up" is currently making hits.