Full Name: david shola
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Waiting for One
Website: http://www.dillion-music.tk

My girl,Dance4me,Shade and many more.

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My real names are David Crony Dillion. Dillion was given to me by my Father and it means faithful,I don't like explaining it for modesty sake. Sound is music and Dillion is like a title given to
a Great, Good, and Nice persona !.

I've no restricted journal for Animals; If the coffee mug is it to 'sip' my fill of it,then i say it is also it with which i write my music; I can 'dive' into any kind of music I want to write !Acada works:studied Geography n regional Planning, but
with music long my life,will I ever practice what I studied; music has always being a part of me from childhood.

My hero,his legacy lives on,the Great Fela Anikulapo Kuti,he's one artiste i admire n from him 'cometh' my inspiration.My admiration for the legendary Bob Marley ! dat na one king oooo, Legend wey be say him song go live forever ! They are a long enduring inspiritation to we new and upcoming artistes !

Creativity,isn't it the hallmark of
talent,of a great artiste! You are original ,are creative, minus the banswagon mentality, rest assured your music will have your audiences' hearing captive and stay atop the music charts long enough!

Great artistes of Fela and Bob Marley's stature,are legends, no questions 'bout their works,aren't they phenomena, and all other are trying to archieve !
God with me,is the sky my limit...