Full Name: adejinle adedolapo anthony
Music Genre: hiphop


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Born 89 in Ibadan.
Though raised mainly in Ibadan, I used to spend every one of ma holidays is Lagos with ma cousins.
It was during one of ma holidays in 1995 that ma love for music really started. I remember my cousins and I dance and sing along to Michael Jackson’s songs. I even remember composing a song alongside with ma cousin Tonye that same year (he was just four then). Though it did not make sense at all but we all were happy by the mere fact that it was by “Us.”
Then in 1997 my mum’s senior sister had a party in her husbands home town in Iwo, so our elder cousins did not allow us to their side off the house cuz they got stuff going on over there, so I and two of ma cousin whom we were age mates (Ayo and Junior) composed a song that nearly got us into trouble that nite.
That same year, I got a piano and became quite good playing it, a few months after I was so good that I played it at ma mom’s birthday and I was commended by every boy present and regarded as a child prodigy.
By October 1999, I was admitted to a secondary school (boarding house) and that was when my talent started dying down gradually cuz as a new secondary school student, I had to concentrate on ma studies first then other things after and it really helped me cuz I emerged first in the first terminal exams I ever did in secondary school.
It wasn’t until 2000 ending when I heard “Jigga My N***a”, Hey Papi, Big Pimpin’ and “Wish on a Star” by Jay Z that I really regained ma interest in hip hop. He was really cool and moreover ma school father “Chukwudi Ogbuagu” was a real big fan of Jay so he kinda groomed me and stuff. I also got opportunity of assisting whenever he was organizing social nites.
When I got to SS1 I was already such an addict that I used to buy at least a musical cd every week even if that was the last penny on me.
Finally in 2003 when was entering SS2, I changed school and met really challenging friends. Ma three closest pals were Segun Balogun, Samson Fanimo (who had just come from the UK) and Koyejo Sanni who was like a rap encyclopedia; he hardly knew anything when it comes to Hip Hop, so we all were good song writers though I had never written a song by then but my first trial was really good. We all loved gals and wrote songs instead of love letters.
Ma mentors are Jay Z and Nas. They are simply the best. I also love the whole G Unit crew as well as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West among others.
When it comes to 9ja music I like JJC, Rugged man, Sound Sultan, D’ Banj, Sasha, SID, Styl-Plus, Timi among others.
About getting signed and stuff, I am working on ma demo and by the time am through, am gonna send it to record labels in Yankee cuz I have ma Dogg Segun’s manager working on ma own shit too. Segun’s album would be out soon.
But if not then any favorable deal in 9ja or if resources are available start ma own label “9ja Records”. Though I would start this even if I get a foreign deal.
10x peace.
Wanna see ma stuff holla me at or