Full Name: Ike Orizu
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Tru-Love Entertainment
Website: http://www.ikemusic.com

Welcome to Lagos(Single) - July 2005
Grand Opening(Album) 2005

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Everyday a child is born with a special talent and now it’s up to the child to develop it and be the star he or she is to be.

iKE was born in Atlanta, GA
April 14,1986, raised and brought up in a christian family by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ofodile Orizu, who later moved him and his younger brother to Lagos
when iKE
was 4 years old. His career started for him at the age of 6 when he looked up to artists like Michael Jackson who inspired him and motivated him so much that he began to dance and sing so much in the house. But he didn’t make his fist major move until he was 9 when he joined the C.P.M. children choir and from there he kept on performing on stage with them. iKE had started secondary school at the Methodist boys’ high school at 12 he transferred to King’s College, Lagos and it was then iKE began to transfer his thoughts and experience to lyrics and poetry, which help him so much and made him a boy who was so concerned about his future and how to make it.

Music was his life and it kept calling him. He kept on performing in school as a dancer in all the social events and kept singing with the King’s College Christian Choir he had joined. His artist name and nickname was SICO. At the age of 15 iKE had performed so much but still wasn’t recognized as an artist. He transferred to Kinsol high School and was awarded for the best social person in the school and later was chosen to be the social prefect in his last year. It was a great achievement for him and helped his develop himself and organized shows up his school.

At the age of 16, he joined the Tongues of fire choir; a dance group called Blissful feet and also joined a band group called “the brethren”. Month’s later the band broke up and then he decided to go solo and take his dreams by his own hands with God.

iKE later that year graduated and left for the U.S. to pursue his career and advance his education. He stared university in Houston and met a lot of people who had the same dream as him and he knew it won’t be easy, but after he found his way out he had already been into the studio making beats and producing tracks for other artists like D-Lane, Halo, Deuce, Big Mike and more and then started his own record label called Tru-Love Music Entertainment.

And 2 years after he has come up with his self – produced album titled “GRAND OPENING” it is self explanatory. The album is loaded with ballads and mid-tempos, pop tunes mixed with african accents which allow listeners to enjoy his flavor in his afro pop/ R&B genre.

Taking the title ‘KING OF AFRO – POP’ .iKE plans to maintain it and come out stronger and better in more albums to come. iKE looks up the artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Faze, P-diddy and Nelly. And plans to keep his head up as they all did. This multi-talented artist who is an all-round entertainer, producer, songwriter and entrepreneur is out and is here to stay.