Full Name: Ebute Oche Bathlomew & Labe Aondona Emmanuel
Music Genre: hiphop

Dis kind Gbedu(SINGLE)

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Mystique,the duo[G-Child and Stink] is a replica of musical graduation.Mystique flows with time and it goes to show how dynamic they are and will continue to be in this game of music thy have chosen.Coming from way back as Mysterious Crew,the boys encounter a change as their manager Patrick 'p4' Abulu sets the machinaries for their take-off in the game.

Stink[Labe Aondona Emmanuel] hails from vadeikya L.G.A. of Benue state.He grew as a child in Zaria,had his primary and secondary education in thesame town and presently a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Stink is down with music,music makers and eventualy he becomes one. His role models are;Redman,Busterymes,Tu shot and Ruggedman.

G-Child [Ebute Oche Bathlomew]hails from Okpokwu L.G.A. of Benue state.He had his primary and secondary education both in Benue state and Zaria respectively.G-child and Stink both hocked-up in their secondary school days and have been progressing musically ever since. His role models are; LL Cool J, Blackfase, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Styl-plus.
Doing hip-hop is their uniform dream.Their music is all about national unity and true love among the people through their dance driven kind of beats and melodious tune. Expect them by september 2005 as they drop their debut single;'Na The Gbedu' off their up coming album;Welcome'.