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Full Name: Zwindila Hussaina Annette
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Master's House

Play The Fool[2005]

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Bracelet,this talented singer[born in Canada with Dad from Adamawa State and Mum from Imo State both of Nigeria] is set to make a name in the music scene.Her boldness,readiness and vocal ability is the convincing point that she's the next Act that Nigeria will offer the world.

Currently studying English/Drama at the pretigious Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria-Nigeria,Bracelet is managing her time religiously between classes and studios.Her debut single
'Save Ur Sorry' off her up-coming album 'Play The Fool' is dropping soon[August,2005].

Bracelet is concerned with today's woman laying low for her man, making him to understand the truth,then leave him to battle with his conscience,he may have a 'U' turn.She's all about unconditional love.Her works will not lack African flavours from instrumentals to vocal concepts.

On way to stardom,she's looking up to the likes of Jennifer Lopez,R. Kelly,2Face and You for your supports.

Master's House Entertainment