Full Name: Chimezie Okafor
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: eternity i.n.c records

on the way

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Loxy,the illest MC on the mic whom is also known chimezie has been in love with music in the early part of his life ,grew up performing on a small level hoping to one day do his thing.however his dreams were made a reality the day he met EL PEE of syndicate. couple of months later,he went into the studio to record "Drop it hot" along side Flame on the album THE PLAYERZ CLUB by SYNDICATE.hoping to explode soon, he is working on acouple of songs to be released soon.Loxy aim to raise from just been a soldier to be come a soldier on the mic.

If only you ask,Lyrics? yes.Flow? check it out. Delivery? absolutely.Loxy's gat the three defining qualities that makes agreat mc.all these plus he is eternitys newest protege,and he's down with syndicate for real.
He has studied Rap and music in general past and present,to figure out how to make a sinificant impact.Real MG believes he is the future.so watch out.