Full Name: jammie awaye-jones
Music Genre: other

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Full name: james precious jones
A.k.a: blo, Doctor illest,ghost ryderz,smoothoperatahlyrikal bark scorpion, afrocentialkillah bee.
Place of birth: lagoz,nigeria
Weight: 87kg
Height: 6ft 7inches
Marital status: Single
Favorite Phrases: ‘Ya fullah shit’ and 'you da man, next to the man’
Pet: dog
Prized possession: CDs and Clothes
Favorite colors: Black, blue and white
Logo: The Bomb y' all & wheelz of steelz
Message to those crooked show promoters: stop tearing mc's to piecez
Childhood ambition: showbizman
Education: adisa bashua primary skool surulere,surulere secondary skool surulere,lagos,golden margine skool of computers(home and abroad)
Occupation: mega talented songwriter,composer,singer pluz (hard core rap)&web designer.
Special skills: drawing cartoon
Sports: basketball
Favorite artist: What? Too many
Advice to beginners: respect the people who were there before you, don’t go stepping up to an old tymer, trying to battle or dis him/her just to gain a rep… you might regret that …go ask Canibus
Dogs for live:lyrikal undertaker,brite(ruff rugged&raw),luchiano(tha magnificents) of bombrush squad ftt,massappeal,scott(r.i.p),pet
Greatest moment: When things are going smoothly
Hobbies: surfing the web, science friction, playing video games on ps1& 2 wid xbox, reading novels, and cartoons.
Memorable show: January 5th 2001, when Guru came to Nigeria. We hung out for a short while and he recognized my steez
Early influence: dr dre
Supercat, helter skelter,redman,methodman and especially KRS-1
What are you checking for now:
Eminem, Dre,erick sermon, Rasskass, Casual, Canibus, Big tigga, Sheek of the lox, Jin, Jahiem
Top producers: DJ premo, Doctor Dre and Marley Marl
What makes the world go round: playhaters, chicks and cream