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Full Name: Olugbenga Michael & Peter Tarkpegher
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Eternity I.N.C Records

October 2005

Song Samples

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As the boys make another come back in the scene, this time they are dropping it hot since the fans like it hot.
Syndicate, a rap duo with names as Real Ma and El PEE has become a household name an every lips around the country.

The Album
With the album “The players’ Club” as syndicate’s second album, it is set to push syndicate straight to the climax of entertainment. The boys have taken the oath and now have clubbing on their budget. A typical syndicate song is portrayed in the players’ club with indigenous languages in some of their choruses.

Already out with two new singles from the album, which is hoped to be played before its release, the boys are confident that this album is what the fans deserve.

The players’ club features November records’ artiste, Danny Dolor. It also features Freddo, Eternity I.N.C next man Loxy and Flame. October 2005 is when the album will be officially released.

Syndicate is currently managed by Flame for Glamour entertainment. They are also under Eternity I.N.C records.