Full Name: Uzo Oguh
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Loyalty Record

Patiently Waiting (2005)

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Brick City's most versatile M.C. is taking the world by storm with his first release "Patiently Waiting." Uzzo leaves nothing to the imagination on his debut release. The album showcases Uzzo's love for the ladies, his consciousness of the realities of everyday life and his unwillingness to take shit from anyone. Unlike most entertainers today, he takes pride in his work and refuses to give his fans anything substandard. He's well on his way to establishing himself among the best in the business.
Uzzo is currently working under the independent record label, Loyalty Records, in affiliation with BossUp INC. His album features production from NawteeChild with whom Uzzo's been working very closely for a number of years. The album also includes tracks produced by Constant, Sonny Black and Jersey bred Capicoo.
Uzzo has spent the past few months recording numerous guest features and moving crowds coast to coast. The intensity of his performances and his remarkable stage presence has attracted huge crowds and a constantly growing fan base.
A voice to be heard, he's rocked venues across the country, in New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, Texas, Hawaii, as well as Toronto, Canada.
In February, Uzzo shot his first video in Oahu, Hawaii, for the infectious single, "Coast to Coast" featuring Quest, another artist at Loyalty. Since the video wrapped, Uzzo has been on the road, performing along side artists such as Lil' Flip, Badazz (who is featured on the album), and Tha LIks, who Uzzo joined on a six city tour throughout Canada.
Uzzo's next move is to head overseas where there has been a growing demand for his music, and a growing interest in his performances. Within the next few months, he will be traveling on a global tour throughout Europe, back to Hawaii and even to his homeland of Nigeria. Conrrently people can reach me through my manager here in Nigeria Rainbow child 08035663039 or Email him