De Indispensables AKA(IND)



De Indispensables AKA(IND)

Full Name: leny $ tick b &lips
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Grafton Records

album to be released 3rd october 2005

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De Indispensables AKA (IND) are a group Signed to Grafton Records. They are made of 2 boys called Lenny B & Tick lips who were former members of different groups that fate has brought together.

Lenny B real name Bilekipiri Lenny Worufah was the lead vocalist and founder of the heirs of David a musical group made of 5 members while Tick Lips whose real name is Paul Betto Indikoro was a rap artist in another group called the Amazons.

Without success on both ends nature brought them together to what they call themselves today as De Indispensables. The pair after deliberation of if the Grafton Entertainment talent hunt competition was real and sincere or not, finally sent their demo in during the late entry of the competition.

After series of competition that was held live on radio and its finals at a venue with competitors free styling in front of Judges and a large crowd. They were selected from over 300 contestant who registered for the same competition.

24 year old Lenny B is the lead vocalist of the group and a total song writer and instrumentalist. 25 year old Tick Lips is the explosive rap artist of the group that flows with ease .Together they form a hybrid of 2 different music class that has been tried by some artist but with know real success.

They represent what is called the best of both worlds in this day urban music. Their debut album on Grafton Records is to be released on the 3rd of October 2005.They have been called the future of music in Africa with their unique style of delivery which has been predicted to be the next level of music that will be copied by others. They are determined Entertainers who did not give up even though they had a past that did not put them to the limelight. Their perseverance and love for music has now put them to the fore front and they have the commitment and conviction to rise to the top.