Igwe Michael



Igwe Michael

Full Name: Igwe Michael Chu Chu
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Website: http://www.nigeria-arts.net/literature/poetry/Igwe_Michael_Chuchu


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IGWE MICHAEL CHUCHU was born in early 70s, Christian, Ibo,
Eastern Nigerian Origin, Nigeria. He had his early education in his father
land and completed his University education at the Univerity of
Nigeria, Nsukka and qualified as an Industrial chemist. His three
passions are poetry, song writing and art.

"Poems of the real Ghetto"was his first collection followed by "Pick pocket poetry". He has also written short stories like "The three Lizards", "The Last Buccaneer" and "The cripple's Lover", also he has written many songs and currently is enthusiastic about owning a record company, these works are yet unpublished. He lives in Lagos-state He is interested in hearing from publishers in America interested in his works